10 Most Underrated Glam Rock Songs Of All Time



Glam rock holds a truly unique place in the rock n roll pantheon. On the one hand, the outrageous clothing, over-the-top looks, and often overly raunchy themes, would seem to suggest it should be a more niche genre with a cult fan base. Yet the fact is that glam rock coincided with the heyday of rock music. It was during this time when musicians were always covered in multiple layers of makeup and drenched in hairspray that the genre experienced the peak of its popularity.

To be fair though, amidst all this crazy aesthetic, we must never forget the real quality of music the genre has given us. From power-chord ballads to fast bangers, these leather guys have made it ultimately their music that people remember them for. Despite all that, there are some gems that get lost in the crowd of smooth guitar solos and dreamy vocals.

These are the songs that don’t get anywhere as much as they should. From stalwarts of the era like Skid Row to some of the slightly lesser-known artists like Danger Danger, these are ten criminally underrated glam rock songs.

With a name like Iron Virgin and a stage outfit constantly compared to Clockwork Orange, these Scottish Glam Rockers were always going to offer something extra. And while their career didn’t quite take off for the stratosphere, and most of their music wasn’t top notch either, they did provide us with an underrated gem in the form of “Rebels Rule “.

“Rebels Rule” was a single from their 1974 studio album of the same name. Musically, it could be described as all the glam rock tropes of the era brought together in song. Despite its negative sound, it made for quite an enjoyable listen.

The song’s message is simple and enjoyable: be a rebel and stand up against the establishment. That, along with a catchy beat and chorus, ensures this song ticks all the glam rock boxes.

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