10 hilarious hard rock songs



The rock genre has always seen its fair share of bad songs. Regardless of what kind of pedigree the artist in question may have started with, these songs have made us all collectively scratch our heads at what happened. Then again, some of these songs will always leave you with a smile on your face at the end.

Make no mistake, these songs are still incredibly cheesy for the rock genre as a whole, and yet there is something about them that makes you laugh, if only for a minute or two. In fact, sometimes those songs drop the ball so hard that they end up being great again. While the artists might have wanted to put their heart and soul into these songs, the fact that these songs are so hilarious has almost nothing to do with them.

It says more about the situation that either it’s so bad it’s good, or it’s funny that the idea of ​​this work even got the green light on the studio floor. Either way, these songs still have a reason to exist, if only for laughs. We can still listen to them … but not for the reasons you might think.

Ok, so maybe it’s considered cheating to put a cover on a list like this. Considering the artist in question didn’t even write the melody, how bad could that be? Well, that’s the problem. There is a bad cover … and then there is what Marilyn Manson did at AC / DC.

Certainly Manson in his prime had always fashioned himself as an eclectic fan of rock music, ranging from KISS and Alice Cooper to Cure and Depeche Mode. Performing them successfully is a whole other thing, which makes Highway to Hell almost cute. It’s not like Manson doesn’t have the ability to pick up material either, given that one of his best tracks is a cover of an old Eurythmics track. When you turn that on, every ounce of bragging that the original Bon Scott had was sucked in, leading Manson to continue his humming vocals.

Aside from the fact that it’s Manson doing a song like this, it ends up being funnier without the context, almost like hearing a random guy trying to do some fake AC / DC karaoke afterwards. being too served at the bar. Considering his early flirtations with industrial rock, Manson should really stay away from the classic rock section of his covers at this point.

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