10 Hated Rock Songs That Are Really Really Good



In the world of popular music, the public will always be your judge, your jury and your executioner. No matter how much critics would like to think they have the ability to sway public opinion, it always comes down to audience taste to see if anything stands the test of time. They’ll still be talking classics from the highest heavens, but they won’t mince words either when they think something is trash.

Of all the styles of rock music, the songs were slammed for either not being as good as the band is capable of, or just an absolute wreck from start to finish. Although some of them are justified depending on what you listen to, many of these songs have been thrown to the wolves for no good reason, still remaining among the best tracks in the band’s discography.

There are always layers to this. Sometimes you have people getting swayed on a song later in the band’s career or turning a blind eye to the potentially good stuff if it comes from a notoriously bad release. It’s not the artist’s fault though, and none of these songs deserved to meet that kind of fate. No matter where they come from, these songs deserve a second look rather than just being drenched in it every day.

Looking back on years, we can all collectively agree that the 90s got more than a little weird, right? In just a few short years, we’ve gone through the whole reign of grunge, pop punk, lounge revival, swing revival, and to top it all off with nu metal towards the end of things. It all happened this time around, and most people didn’t look back so fondly on Smash Mouth.

Although the memes behind the band have become more powerful than the band itself in recent years, Walking in the Sun is still a fantastic little pop song from that era, having the same kind of smarminness that made the 90s so good. at the time. daytime. Hell, from the first few notes it almost sounds like a version of someone like the Doors from the 60s, until the lyrics come in and give you a pretty dire picture of what’s going on around you.

There’s still that little goofy thing about the era, right down to the chorus lines of supplies running out, almost like you’re listening to some sort of infomercial on TV. It was the way we played it back then, where rock stars pretended to be above the more superficial side of fame. If you still have All Star etched in your brain, all the pieces are still there. Once you dig a little deeper, here’s a neat little time capsule of what we were all doing just before the year 2000 hit.

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