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As always, the just dance The franchise provides fans with a terrific song-opening run and promises even more as the year progresses. This will probably be the case for Just dance 2023while no fan is disappointed with the initial playlist, there are some real bangers.

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This list measures the best songs by their enjoyment, not their overall quality. There are deep, meaningful, well-written songs that didn’t make the cut because, while uplifting, they lack the pure fun factor. These are high energy songs in just dance 2023 that even new listeners will want to listen to right away.


10/10 Million Dollar Baby – Ava Max

Just Dance 2023 Million Dollar Baby by Ava Max

Many dance tunes are defined by a simple thump on the bass, but Ava Max adds an uplifting vocal performance that does just as much as the beat to knock dancers out of their seats with Million Dollar Baby.

The combination of these two elements keeps listeners spellbound. Neither of them ever takes time off. Million Dollar baby is as likely to inspire drummers and singers as it is dancers. This kind of bi-level excitement keeps the audience moving without asking questions.

9/10 Disco Inferno – The Tramps

Just Dance 2023 Disco Inferno by tramps

Dancers who remember the best songs from last year’s edition shouldn’t be surprised that the classics are what they are for a reason. The all-time record hits didn’t make it to the top of the mountain and survived for decades because of sentimentality.

The Trammps brought together deep funk, solid bass and big band brass to produce one of the hippest songs of all time. Disco doesn’t just tap your feet, it gets your fingers pointing and hips dropping along with any modern song.

8/10 The Good Ones – Charli XCX

Just Dance 2023 Vouchers By Charli XCX

Some dancers have had their hearts broken and others are looking to break their hearts. Some don’t even do it on purpose and they are the ones who inspired Charli XCX’s Good Ones. It’s a song in a game that gets people fit and also tells a story.

The light, airy lyrics are undercut by satisfying pumps from the bass that ensure everyone starts dancing. Even though the contestants haven’t experienced any love woes lately, there’s still a wide range of emotions to explore in the music.

7/10 I can’t stop the feeling – Justin Timberlake

Just Dance 2023 can't stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake

As live service becomes the norm for gaming, Rocksmith knows it still needs to retain players who will only have the base game. If Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop The Feeling doesn’t get the old guard signed on for a new round, then they’re not worth keeping.

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The chorus literally tells listeners to “dance, dance, dance,” so the song knows exactly what its purpose is. It accomplishes this with an upbeat yet groovy beat that encourages both choreographed moves and playful jiving. What’s this makes the game such a great workout to boot.

6/10 Dynamite – BTS

Just Dance 2023 Dynamite By BTS

Some more localized listeners may have never heard of international sensation BTS before, however, they’ve probably heard Dynamite at some point, even if they were just passing other cars with it or at the store. It is a cheerful and catchy melody that has earned its recognition.

If for some reason the listener hasn’t had a chance to tune into this tune, they’re in for a treat. It’s shocking how well Dynamite’s moves work because his self-expression among the singers is reflected in the style of the song itself.

5/10 Everything I Do – CLiQ, Mrs. Banks and Alika

Just Dance 2023 Everything I Do By CLiQ Ms. Banks & Alika

Potential Just Dance 2023 buyers will likely have been enticed into buying the product after hearing CLiQ’s Anything I Do (featuring Ms. Banks and Alika) featured in marketing.

It’s a smart move on the team’s part, leading with a song that asks listeners to at least jiggle in their car seats. The song has a single heavy beat with popping drums and symbols forming the melody. Percussion on all levels is hard to pull off, but it works like a charm for this song full of personality.

4/10 Toxic – Britney Spears

Just Dance 2023 Toxic by Britney Spears

Anyone who doubted one of pop’s biggest stars could produce a club hit was shut down when Britney Spears came out with Toxic, a song so popular that any club without it on the playlist would likely lose its business license.

The new game will break traditions, but Toxic is a song that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The rhythm is unorthodox, mixing deep rhythms with high violins. The erratic melody encourages dancers to use different parts of their bodies as the notes each strike differently.

3/10 Walking Sissy – RuPaul

Just Dance 2023 Walking Sissy by RuPaul

It’s amazing that “musician” is the fifth or sixth thing listed on RuPaul’s resume because the man has two Billboard Music Awards and a Tony. And dancers worried that Sissy That Walk is just a gimmick to use RuPaul’s personality are sadly mistaken, it’s a timeless thing.

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The song has terrific construction for the chorus, which is surprising as it has an established jazzy melody right away. When the synth sounds start to get melodic, even in-game viewers will want to get in on the action.


Just Dance 2023 WANNABE By ITZY

There were a lot of songs left on this list due to a slow bridge or a brief change in the melody that disrupted the timing of the song. The genius of WANNABE is that each member of ITZY gets their own part of the song, there are multiple decks, different languages, and yet each track retains the bold individualism the dancers seek.

After dancing to this song, families and friends will sing “I want to be me, me me” for days. If they don’t say it out loud, they will with the bodies, dancing to a beat that invariably gets stuck in the listener’s bones.

1/10 Telephone – Lady Gaga & Beyoncé

Phone Just Dance 2023 by Lady Gaga and Beyonce

When Lady Gaga came out The Glory Monsterradio stations were trying to give proper airtime to his smash hits of Fame one year earlier. Many stations have turned to Bad Romance, Paker Face, and the song that inspired that same franchise, Just Dance. But it was her collaboration with Beyonce on Telephone that yielded one of the best songs to dance to in all of human history.

Finally getting his due, Telephone goes through low and gritty moments, carefree beats, impressive vocals and applause. Dynamic ups and downs encourage different dance styles and are sure to be a smash hit from the entertainer to whom the game owes its identity.

Just dance 2023 is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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