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It’s officially Dad’s Weekend at Ohio University, so students will be able to spend time with their dads while doing a plethora of activities throughout the weekend (list of events may to be found here). For the occasion, I compiled a list of 10 “dad rock” songs to headbang with your dad all weekend.

There’s no good definition for the music genre “dad rock”, but the songs I’ve chosen for this list are songs that make it feel like it’s 2011 and you’re in it. back of your dad’s black Chevy truck as he drives you to football practice. Sure, it’s a weird scenario, but the songs he’s playing from the truck’s shitty stereo are most likely some of the tracks on this list. That being said, enjoy this list and have a great weekend with your dad.

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The first song on this list is “Down with the Sickness” by Disturbed, released in 2000. The track opens with booming drums, muted guitars and deep, crackling whispers that draw you into the dramatic vocalization for which the song is famous. From there, the verses pump up the drums and guitar riffs, and the vocals are deep and lyrical, courtesy of Disturbed vocalist David Draiman. Eventually, the verses lead into the chorus where Draiman’s voice is gruff and gritty as he shouts at the listener to “get up, come on, come down with the sickness”.

Although the rest of the song has the same structure throughout, there is an interesting part of the interlude (which is not included in the radio version) where Draiman vocalizes what sounds like a boy being abused by his mother and tries to tell him to stop. It’s meant to be a metaphor that fits with the overall theme of the song – the conflict between society’s mother and a young boy who wants to find freedom and individuality (lyric analysis found here). All in all, it’s an iconic song that will have you and your dad buzzing this weekend.

This next track is Hinder’s best-known track, “Lips Of An Angel”, released in 2006. Although not as hyped as the last track, it’s still a catchy ballad with a memorable chorus and a fantastic instrumentation. Hinder lead singer Austin John Winkler’s voice is deep and raspy as he sings about an affair with his ex-girlfriend.

Even with the problematic lyrics, the listener tends to forget questionable words and gets lost in the swaying instrumentation, which consists of bright guitar riffs, grooving drums, and smooth acoustic guitars. That’s probably why it gained popularity on TikTok a few months ago when users used the song in the background of their videos. Nonetheless, “Lips Of An Angel” is a staple in the dad rock genre, and you and your dad are sure to reunite this weekend.

Back to headbangers, Three Days Grace’s “I Hate Everything About You” (2003) is the next “dad rock” song on this list. With nasal guitar riffs, punchy drums and a growling bass, the track sounds grungy and booming. During the verses, the vocals are clear and lyrical. However, the vocals are more rough and screechy when it comes to the chorus.

Singer Adam Gontier sings about the conflict between loving and hating someone in a toxic relationship. It’s an emotional song that many listeners may find relevant due to the honesty of the emotions of being in a toxic relationship, like the one depicted in the track. Even with its lyrical meaning, the song is a good track to headbang with your dad.

Next on this list is the entertaining and goofy track “Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)” (1998) by The Offspring. The piece opens with the absurd pseudo-German phrase, “Gunter glieben glauchen globen”, which is taken from “rock of ages.” It’s a hilarious start, especially when it’s followed by girls singing “Give it to me baby!” and The Offspring lead singer Dexter Holland’s clown-horn vocalization, “Uh huh, Uh huh” which follows afterwards.

The rest of the song tells the story of a guy who can’t seem to be cool but who thinks “this is the most dope trip” on top of all his failures to pretend to be hip. The instrumentals are quite unique as they feature a cowbell and a weird starting sound that can be heard throughout the song. The song also features a fuzzy guitar riff, deep bassline, and thumping drums. It truly is an iconic track, and you and your dad are sure to have a great time this dads weekend.

The next song is Trapt’s massive hit “Headstrong,” released in 2002. The song has a powerful intro with its loud, crisp guitar riff and eardrum-piercing drums. The rest of the song retains the high energy of the intro, especially during the chorus where the drums and guitar seem to grow louder. During the verses it’s a little quieter, but the drums continue to be punchy and the vocals are strong and groovy. Going back to the chorus, Chris Taylor Brown’s voice is harsher and raspier than his clearer voice during the verses or pre-choruses. This is an extremely hyper track that will have you headbanging with your dad all weekend.

rock star” from Nickelback

What’s a list made up of “dad rock” without the inclusion of Nickelback? Nickelback’s iconic 2006 hit “Rockstar” is on this list for all divorced dads. The song features swaying acoustic guitar, resonant drum clashes, and electric guitar riffs. Of course, who could forget Chad Kroeger’s signature gritty, brash voice? In this song, he sings about his desire to be a rockstar and live a life of luxury and glory. He doesn’t care about selling or succumbing to the perils of celebrity culture – he just wants to be famous. Plus, it’s still a catchy tune that will make you and your dad want to be rock stars this dads weekend.

The next track is one of Papa Roach’s biggest hits, “Last Resort”, released in 2000. Although the track has a depressing tone in the form of its lyrics, which detail the narrator dealing with self-harm and suicidal thoughts, the song’s instrumentals are upbeat and abrasive. With its loud, distorted guitars and thumping drums, the instrumentals add to the way the narrator feels angry and calls for help. The harsh, gritty voice of Papa Roach lead singer Jacoby Shaddix only adds to how the narrator feels. However, listeners tend to ignore the sad nature of the lyrics and play guitars and drums instead. Nonetheless, “Last Resort” is a trending song and will have you jamming with your dad all weekend.

Paralyzerby Finger Eleven

Another upbeat song on this list is Finger Eleven’s “Paralyzer,” released in 2007. With its growling guitar riffs and booming drums, the song is a headbanger from the get-go. When it gets to the chorus, the whole song makes the listener want to groove to the music. That’s probably why this song was also released on TikTok a few months ago. Apart from the instrumentals, the vocals are gruff, yet melodic throughout and carry a very catchy melody. Lead singer Scott Anderson says he feels uncomfortable in a club, but feels drawn to someone who “paralyzes” him. All in all, this track will make you and your dad feel the opposite of stillness and have you dancing all weekend long.

Freakby Skillet

The penultimate track on this list is “Monster” by Skillet, released in 2009. Considered a must-have “dad rock” song for many people, this track is a 2000s alternative rock classic with its electric guitar grating and distorted, its muffled drums and rough music. , gravelly voice. This is another trending song on TikTok a while ago with users describing their experiences of being in the back of their dad’s car and playing the song in their youth.

It is a surreal and seemingly universal experience for many young people at this time. As for the lyrics, frontman John Cooper Told Sterotruth that the “song is about being fake and putting a face on people who aren’t the real you”, which a lot of people can relate to. There’s a whole Christian undertone to this since Skillet is a Christian rock band, but the meaning can be seen from outside of that perspective. Nonetheless, “Monster” is a classic “dad rock” track that will have you and your dad feeling like monsters all weekend long.

Last but not least is “Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)” (2000) by legendary nu-metal band Limp Bizkit. Known for “putting some bounce in the mosh pit” (notably at Woodstock 99), Limp Bizkit has several song contenders to make this list full of “dad rock” hits, but “Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)” is one of the best songs to listen to with anyone, not just your dad. With its iconic one-line opener, “Okay, partner, keep rolling, baby; you know what time it is,” the track alerts the listener to prepare for the absolute rage of a song that is about to begin.

The song’s slick, slick guitar riffs, slamming drums, and Limp Bizkit’s signature scratch effect of their instrumentals are sure to excite the listener with the instrumentals alone. However, the gruff, abrasive voice of Fred Durst telling the listener to “put your hands up” and various other lyrical things to do add to the effect of wanting to be in a mosh pit and tearing people down at inside. All in all, this song is a must listen when you’re with your dad this weekend, even if you’re not both in a mosh pit.



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