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Looking for some motivation to get you through the start of another work week? We feel you, and with stellar new pop tracks, we’ve got you covered.

These 10 tracks from artists like Ava Max, Holly Humberstone, Skylar Gray and Tayla Parx will give you energy to tackle the week. Add any of these gems to your personal playlists – or scroll to the end of the post for a personalized playlist of all 10.

Ava Max, “Maybe You’re the Problem”

As Ava Max rocks the Hot 100 with Tiësto’s summer-ready crew “The Motto,” new single “Maybe You’re the Problem” brings the pop star back into the frenetic and fantastical top 40 of ” Sweet But Psycho”. with an 80s-inspired synth-pop arrangement for the soundtrack to a wordy, late kiss. Max excels in both modes and has now released two hot weather heaters in 2022. –Jason Lipshutz

Toro y Moi feat. The Mattson 2, “Millennium”

“Let’s pretend we’re floating above everyone else,” runs the opening line of “Millennium,” the lead track from Toro y Moi’s just-released seventh studio album. mahal. Featuring jazz duo The Mattson 2, “Millennium” cuts a fine figure on that first statement, with the relaxed psychedelic giving way to both technically ambitious solos and zoned-out grooves. – J. Lipshutz

Tayla Parx, “Rich”

A press release for “Rich” advertises Tayla Parx’s new single as a “creative renaissance,” and while the track marks the singer-songwriter’s debut as an independent artist, her lyricism and ear for the melody remain as perfect as they were last years Coping mechanisms. Guided by a layered guitar riff and heavy beats, Parx demonstrates self-confidence in the care she puts into every syllable uttered on “Rich.” – J. Lipshutz

Skylar Grey, “On The Run”

Skylar Grey’s self-titled new album, her first album in six years, is relentlessly raw – a product of uproar, caused by protracted legal battles with her ex-husband and former manager, as well as the necessary growth, with the tools developed at the over its successful days with artists like Eminem and Nicki Minaj now informing more personal work. “Runaway” is reminiscent of Fiona Apple in its construction and delicacy, and deserves to be absorbed by a wide audience. – J. Lipshutz

Madeon, “I love you back”

“Love You Back” shows why Madeon was always going to be good enough to transcend any burst of the EDM bubble: while the new single is rooted in the propulsive dance sound the producer recently displayed at Coachella, it’s also surprisingly moving, as the stacked vocals evoke a boy band daydream that should appeal to pop listeners as well. – J. Lipshutz

Superorganism, “Crushed.zip”

One could reasonably describe the latest offering from Superorganism’s upcoming album world pop like chilled hyperpop, with lead singer Orono Noguchi’s dejection lifted and drenched in chatter production, but acoustic scratching and lyrical imagery – “I’m stuck in a sitcom, never should have been cast in first place” – keep “Crushed.zip” grounded. – J. Lipshutz

Sofi Tukker, “Summer in New York”

Another revamp of “Tom’s Diner”? In this economy? Sofi Tukker is the latest artist to bring Suzanne Vega’s classic into the 21st century, but “Summer in New York” works by not relying too heavily on tween and instead building a new world around that indelible hook. . “Summer in New York” wants you to sign up for something fresh but familiar, and it succeeds. – J. Lipshutz

Maggie Lindemann and Kellin Quinn, “How Could You Do This to Me”

Taking inspiration from Avril Lavigne and Hayley Williams, Maggie Lindemann’s latest (featuring Sleeping with Sirens’ Kellin Quinn) is a pop-rock banger that features all the basics of an epic: reverb-heavy rumble, hard-hitting drums and shrill guitar riffs. The fusion of all this makes one wonder how could Did the person in question do something to harm Lindemann when his answer seems so powerful? – Lyndsey Havens

Holly Humberstone, “Sleep Tight”

Holly Humberstone’s latest track, “Sleep Tight,” puts her poignant songwriting at the center of subtly pensive pop production, as she repeats “God knows I missed that feeling.” For an artist who just performed at Coachella and has a debut album on the horizon, everything she misses will hopefully soon be replaced by new experiences that can’t compete with anything from the past. – L. Havens

mxmtoon “victim of nostalgia”

Before hitting play, mxmtoon manages to hook listeners with the title of her new single, “Victim of Nostalgia,” a fast-paced pop-rock song that strums along as fast as her past (as she describes in the lyrics) . Again, the artist flips the script on common situations or emotions, allowing fans to embrace feelings that are often talked about in whispers, like feeling like a “victim” of missing your youth. As she sings about ‘the panic of growing up’ and the ‘fear of missing out’, she can’t help but wonder, ‘Will this ever be enough?’ – L. Havens

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