10 classic songs that have aged terribly



It’s impossible not to be sucked in by the moment you hear your new favorite song. Instead of the usual fun track to throw on a playlist, the music can sometimes pick you up and take you on a journey you weren’t fully prepared for at first. However, things tend to take a little different turn once time becomes a factor.

When looking at these songs with a new lens, it’s hard to see them as a little too dated for their own good. While some artists have managed to use this kind of nostalgia to their advantage in recent years, the amount of cheese we’ve had to sift through comes from even some of the best acts in the business. As fun as it is to poke fun at the no-names who’ve never been anywhere, these artists have no excuse since they’re always there to tell the tale.

Over the years (even decades), these songs have aged like milk compared to their counterparts, proving that even the greatest bands of all time aren’t immune to a little cheesiness here and there. . You might know the name…but just smile and wave when you think of haircuts like this.

More than half of Green Day’s charm early in their career came from that bratty attitude. Through songs like Longview and Basket Case, it felt like it was as much fun telling stories of masturbation and anxiety attacks as it was singing along to the melodies. There was some hidden edginess in there, though, and Having a Blast marks the moment things go right around the corner.

Compared to the more sardonic humor of Dookie’s other tracks, this second song feels a lot more confrontational than anything around it. Although many songs address the lives of unlucky people, this one is sung from the perspective of a man who is ready to kill himself and everyone around him all at once out of anger alone. This kind of thing might have been a cheeky pun at the time, but it seems a lot grittier in the age of terrorism.

Considering the world has faced actual suicide bombers in the years since this bit, that kind of power fantasy seems a whole lot scarier for this ’90s time capsule. Since Billie Joe Armstrong himself even denounced this kind of violence struck by a star in Bang Bang a few years ago, it even seems that he has moved away from his angsty beginnings.

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