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According to designer Eric Kripke, Supernatural was always meant to be about two brothers on a road trip. Of course, no road trip would be complete without a fantastic playlist. From the pilot episode of the series to its final season, Dean has embraced the idea of ​​”the driver chooses the music”.

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Growing up on the road in a ’67 Impala, he still hasn’t given up on records and cassettes, with some old school music to match. Known for his love of classics, he has all the essentials of rock from the 60s and 70s. Here are some hard rock tracks we would love to hear included in his collection.

ten The chain, Fleetwood Mac

This Nicks / Buckingham duo is considered an essential addition to any classic rock playlist, just like Fleetwood Mac to any list of rock band legends. It is a wonder why the group has not yet succeeded in Supernaturalsoundtrack, despite several references to band members in the brothers pseudonyms over the years.

If any of their songs were to be included, however, Chain would be one of the best contenders. The track features deep, haunting vocals that pair well with a dark montage as the brothers prepare for battle or a suspenseful scene of a heroes and villains showdown.

9 Running with the devil, Van Halen

Van Halen and his members have also been referenced several times in Supernatural, although none of their songs have yet been included in the show’s soundtrack. Given the themes of hell and demons and the actual devil in the series, Run with the devil seems like an obvious prospect.

The song’s lyrics also paint a picture of a “simple life” on the road and living “like there’s no tomorrow,” much like the life of Sam and Dean as they cross the road. country by car, taking their life in hand every day on the job.


8 Holy water, bad company

The Supernatural The soundtrack has featured a lot of Bad Company over the years, especially in the early seasons and all of these songs except one come from the band’s 1974 debut album, directed by Paul Rodgers.

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By the time Holy water came out in 1990, Bad Company had found a new singer in Brian Howe. As many rock groups had done at that time, they adopted a more vocal sound, characteristic of the modern pop-rock genre. The inclusion of a more recent track in the final season of Supernatural could be representative of how far the series has come and how it has evolved.

7 Hell is for the kids, Pat Benatar

In addition to having the traditional hard rock sound of the Supernatural soundtrack, the lyrics explore a theme that was touched on several times in the show: children. Specifically, those who have been abused by supernatural ailments and who have been through things that people shouldn’t be experiencing so early in life.

The lyrics also feature images of hell, as promised in the song’s title, which is also an important part of the world created in Supernatural. The song would be preceded by that of Pat Benatar Heartbreaker, who played on the recap in the Season 10 premiere.

6 Running empty, Jackson Browne

Running empty reflects on the past years, like Supernatural, after almost 15 seasons, unavoidable, but it is also very well a road song, a place where the two main characters often meet. It’s a song that blends seamlessly into the heart of the series and captures the “road rushing under my wheels” in the same way as Supernaturalthat’s what makes the road trip vibe of. The track would be perfectly comfortable playing on a plane of the Impala hurtling down a desert road or through “so many summer fields”.

5 Hi Jude, The Beatles

In Season 5’s “The Song Remains the Same”, which finds the boys going back to their parents’ time, Dean convinces Mary that he is his son by mentioning that she sang him. Hey jude, his favorite Beatles song, as a lullaby when he was a child. From that point on, the song was considered by fans to be a staple of everything. Supernatural– thematic playlist, although it was never played on the show.

The song, and the Beatles in general, takes on a more pop-on-rock turn than the music most associated with the series, which might explain why the band has yet to appear on the Supernatural soundtrack, but playing the song would be a gentle gesture towards the family aspect of the show.

4 Barracuda, Heart

About the Winchester Matriarch, a heartwarming part of Mary’s Season 12 comeback that takes place in the episode “Mamma Mia” is supported by the song Heart Lost angel, which remains the only track from this hard rock band to make the soundtrack of the show.

The addition of Barracuda to an episode would match the established sound of the series even more, delivering a more classic and metallic tune than its predecessor, released in 2004. Barracuda is definitely a song that deserves to be recognized by any hard rock soundtrack, especially Supernatural‘s, in which it would fit perfectly.

3 Cherry Bomb, the runaways

There might not be a better punk rock rally song than Cherry Bomb. It has the kind of energy to go through a long day of monster hunting, and it’s powerful enough to be a staple of any road trip playlist.

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The Runaways, the culmination of some of the most rocking legends of the ’70s, after a less than successful reception in their time, was also surprisingly underrated by Supernatural. Its only story is a song by Joan Jett, one of the band’s founding members, briefly playing in a Season 12 episode starring Claire Novak.

2 Zombie, cranberries

The show might need to stretch its soundtrack a bit to accommodate the more modern alternative sound this’ 90s track brings, but it would undoubtedly have the grunge rock feel to live up to its soundtrack. Supernatural reading list companions.

Not to mention the references to a supernatural creature in the lyrics themselves. After all, fans were promised a season of zombies with the Gates of Hell open again. On top of that, the song is, at its core, a war song, and much of the imagery in its lyrics can be seen in the hunters’ efforts against the evils of the world.

1 Ramble On, Led Zeppelin

Dean’s affinity for Led Zeppelin is mentioned frequently in the series. He bluntly states that his two favorite songs of all time, one of which is Hiking on, are of the group, and an episode of season 8 shows that he owns a vinyl copy of the first Zeppelin album, which he moves into the bunker with him. The brothers also use the names of the group members as aliases, with Page and Plant being their favorites.

It’s shocking that no Led Zeppelin song has ever played in an episode of Supernatural. He’s highly anticipated, however, and would surely make an epic moment on the series.

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