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Disney is known for its creativity and magical vibrancy. Although the originals often depicted princesses who needed to be saved, over the years Disney has taken various directions in its storylines and characters. However, it’s not just these two elements that make the movies what they are.

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Most Disney movies include songs, each representing the action or mood of a scene. Some songs were so good that they were re-recorded and can be heard on mainstream radio stations. There’s a whole host of tracks that could be known as Disney’s best, but Reddit users have narrowed it down to a few of the greatest.


Why should I worry?

Olivier & Company (1988)

Oliver and Disney Company

The magic of Disney knows no bounds, where inanimate objects can come to life in The beauty and the Beast and abandoned animals are able to communicate like humans in Olivier & Company. But that’s not where the enchantment ends for this latest film.

The soundtrack includes songs that almost veer away from the typical Disney sound, including some great modern beats that weren’t too far off the tops of the charts. Reddit user theflealee points out that “Why Should I Worry from Oliver and Company is also fun” and there’s no denying Billy Joel’s gritty vocals really encompassed the songs’ bouncy energy. While the film is aimed at children, the song is said to appeal to adults, with a more grown-up sound, making it one of Disney’s best.

colors of the wind

Pocahontas (1995)

Disney movies often include a deeper meaning or message about life. In these films are sometimes songs that have their own life lessons, just like the soundtrack of Pocahontas. “Listen With Your Heart” is one of those meaningful songs, but a reddit user deleted said “Colors Of The Wind! Ahhhh I love the message of the song and melody”, adding it to the list of top Disney tracks.

Things that don’t make sense have been pointed out in Pocahontas and it is claimed that there are strong cultural and historical issues, but the elegance of “Colors Of The Wind” cannot be denied. The poetic lyrics teach viewers the importance of not judging others and how you can learn from what’s around you, all set to a peaceful yet powerful melodic tune.

Can you feel the love tonight

The Lion King (1994)

There have been many famous singers in Disney animated films, whether as songwriters or performers, including the warm sound of Phil Collins in Tarzan. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, was composed by Elton John and Redditor thick highlighted it as their favorite with the words “the goodness, the nostalgia, the voice, the lyrics”.

Their comment perfectly encapsulates the feelings of a generation of people who were raised on Disney movies and will know the song from its first sound. Instantly, any listener is transported back to their childhood, but can now appreciate them as adults, for their sensational voice and timeless lyrics.

I want to be like you

The Jungle Book (1967)

The Jungle Book 1967

Disney took Rudyard Kipling’s novel and made it into an animated film, with a 2016 live-action version of The jungle Book. It’s a staple of the studio’s archives, with many generations knowing the story inside out.

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Once a viewer has seen the film, the classic track finds a firm place in their heart, as evidenced by Redditor TylerMcFluffBut“I’ve loved I Wanna Be Like You ever since I first saw the movie as a kid.” The song corresponds to the jazz genre, with a rhythm that is impossible to resist by tapping your foot.

Feed the birds

Mary Poppins (1964)

Mary looking at the Banks family one last time.

Many Disney movies are either animated or live-action, but Mary Poppins combines the two, with its fantastical scenes of chalk drawings coming to life, intertwined with the story of a nanny and her magical talents. The film is from 1964, but the quotes from Mary Poppins are memorable and the songs still have an impact.

Reddit user JKChambers said “Feed the Bird – Mary Poppins. This song means so much to me…” which no doubt applies to many others. The song has a delicate melody, vocalized by Julie Andrews, describing the life of a lower-class woman, who devoted herself to feeding pigeons. The thought-provoking track easily brings tears to fans’ eyes, but in a way that only the best songs can.

Cruel Hell

101 Dalmatians (1961)

The dogs all watch TV in 101 Dalmatians

Disney movie villains can be just as memorable as the heroes. Sometimes they have songs they sing themselves or songs sung about them. 101 Dalmatians provides the latter. Reddit user gorkt exclaimed “And Cruella De Vil? It was a fantastic song!” And so it was.

The song cleverly mimics what De Vil is all about – sassy and scary with moments of surprising sternness. It could easily have been much more dramatic, with loud instruments and over-the-top lyrics. But the subtle jazz rhythm makes it memorable and even though it’s about an evil woman that has a lot of miserable quotes, it definitely sticks in the mind as one of the best songs.


Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Belle seems unhappy with Gaston in Beauty and the Beast

The beauty and the Beast has a plethora of tracks that cover all the moods of the film. For Redditor SchteveyDisney’s best song is “The Gaston Song, from The beauty and the Beast. It portrays his character perfectly and is hilarious at the same time.”

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While the film included songs for the surreal and romantic moments, this particular track has a beat that goes against Gaston’s nature. If the lyrics were removed, it sounds like a happy record. But upon hearing the lyrics, listeners begin to understand the selfish, self-centered man the song is about. Somehow the upbeat tempo of the song only makes the character more repulsive and being able to give a real sense of Gaston’s personality through the music puts this song at the top of the list of favourites.

Let it go

Frozen (2013)

Frozen 2013 Elsa Anna Ice Castle Reprise

Although some movies weren’t released very long ago, it’s obvious that they will be around for a long time. Especially if the generation of people who were young when it came out receive it well and never tire of the music. With the song impossible not to mention, Reddit user suckmycomment said “I’m just gonna say it. Let It Go.”

The titular lyrics have become a catchphrase, that whenever someone innocently says “let it go”, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be another person nearby who will continue the song. the Frozen the melody begins softly, adapting to the beauty of the snow and the cold. As the song grows more powerful, it resonates with viewers who had outbursts of strength and fearlessness. Inspirational lyrics always have a deserved place in top song lists.

Hakuna Matata

The Lion King (1994)

The Lion King adds a carefree and upbeat melody to the story. A reddit user deleted makes the bold statement that “Hakuna Matata is the only correct answer here”, and while there are obviously more answers, it’s undeniably one of the best.

There is nothing sad or depressing in the song. For children (and even adults), it presents a light and airy outlook on life, which takes everyone away from their troubles for a moment and even adds a touch of comedy. What a wonderful sentence!

friend like me

Aladdin (1992)

Some Disney songs have become so iconic, not just because of the lyrics or melody, but because of the actor who sings them. Reddit user antsugi noted “Everything Robin Williams sang, but mostly ‘You Ain’t Never Had A Friend Like Me’.

Williams is renowned for his unparalleled comedic ability, including an exquisite knack for being able to deliver accents at the drop of a hat, and this song showcases much of that ability. Not only is he able to hold a melody, but different voices emerge from his performance. The song gives the film a theatrical feel, with dramatic instruments backing the vocals and a fast pace, making it an excellent choice for a well-known movie.

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