10 Best Rock Songs of the 2020s (So Far)



It wasn’t the best start to the decade for music. 2020 has seen a few releases here and there, but for the most part, we’ve seen artists postpone or push back release dates in line with the growing severity of the pandemic.

When it became clear that the virus was going nowhere fast, artists started releasing more singles, and in 2021 an influx of new music was released. Sure, Machine Gun Kelly dipping its toe into the realm of rock was a sad day for music, but the world had a lot more to offer than an album of spin-off pop-punk songs.

When the boredom of lockdowns got too much and your DIY haircut started to look like a rash decision, music became a lasting source of solace.

We may have been deprived of music festivals and live performances for a year, but there were still plenty of ways to get your rock fix.

From little-known artists to music industry veterans, there’s a plethora of diverse and exciting new sounds to feast your ears on.

Despite their huge online presence and an army of devoted fans, The Big Push seem to be the biggest secret in British rock music. How a label hasn’t gotten their hands on these guys yet, anyone can guess…

The band amassed a following playing electrified, wildly energized rock on the streets of Brighton. Sharing their performances live on YouTube resulted in over a million views, in some cases. With two interchangeable frontmen and an appreciation for all things rock, it’s surprising they haven’t hit the mainstream yet.

They’ve proven their ability as a cover band, playing mashups of Black Sabbath, The Police, The Rolling Stones and Nina Simone, but recently they’ve been releasing more and more original numbers.

Sweet Little Lady dropped on YouTube, in the middle of the pandemic, and it was just the injection of good vibes needed to shake things up. Firmly rooted hard rock, the track draws on elements of ska, soul and blues. It’s a bit different from their usual sound, it’s more reserved, there’s less effort on the guitar and it lacks the vocal duel of the two frontmen, but damn it’s slick.

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