10 Best Rock Songs About Depression Of All Time, Ranked



Depression affects absolutely everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, or religious preference. No one chooses to be depressed, and not everyone can win the battle against depression without help.

While there’s no magic pill to cure depression, music can help channel those feelings. If you’re feeling down, listen to these ten songs and know that you’re never truly alone in your struggle.

So without further ado, here is my list of the best rock songs about depression.

1. Everyone hurts by REM

We all suffer in one way or another. That’s the message REM conveyed in their 1992 hit song “Everybody Hurts.” The song featured on the album automatic for the people was written as a way to try to stop people from committing suicide.

Using their notoriety to raise awareness, REM’s song has become something of an anthem for the depressed. Listen to “Everybody Hurts” when you’re feeling down, and just remember that it’s okay to not be well.

2. Creep by Radiohead

“Creep” was released in 1992 by the band Radiohead. A song about the struggle to fit in in a world you don’t belong in, the song is still a favorite of many people today. Although many have covered this iconic song, no one comes close to Radiohead.

If you feel insecure and feel like there’s no escaping your reality, listen to “Creep” and add it to your playlist when you want that. a song sounds when you feel a little blue.

3. Adam’s Song by Blink-182

In a change from their usual song content, Blink-182 released “Adam’s Song” to speak to teenagers who felt there was no way out of their depressed moods. Written as a suicide note from a boy named Adam, the song was released in 1999 on the album State enema.

“Adam’s Song” deals with the realities of depression, and for teenagers who have no way to express how they feel for fear of being ostracized, this song could literally become a lifeline for them. So turn up the volume and sing Adam’s song today and let go of all bad thoughts.

4. Breathe Me by Sia

If ever a song could serve as a cry for help, Sia’s “Breathe Me” would be it. Released in 2004 on the album color the little one, the song is about reaching the end of your nerves. We all have tough days, but when you feel like there are more bad days than good ones, it could be a sign that you need help, and fast.

Sia often raises awareness through her music, and in “Breathe Me” she evokes the overwhelming feelings that depression can bring. “Breathe Me” takes fourth place on my list.

5. Mad World by Tears for Fears

Gary Jules recorded a cover of “Mad World” in 2001. But it’s nowhere near as powerful as Tears for Fears’ 1983 original. Released on the album The injury“Mad World” delves into the thoughts of a depressed person who wishes they were gone.

Depression can be extremely lonely, but with songs like Mad World bringing these feelings to light, it can help to know that what you’re feeling is normal and that there are others who have these same feelings on a daily basis. . Listen to this 80s classic when you add it to your list of the best depression rock songs.

6. Black by Pearl Jam

“Black” by American band Pearl Jam isn’t necessarily about depression but rather deals with the feeling of utter hopelessness that comes from a breakup. Losing the one you love can leave you feeling lonely and sad, especially when you know you have to let go of your ideals of true love.

The song was released in 1991 on the album Ten (Redux) and is just one of the songs on my list that deals with feelings of utter despair and grief.

7. How to Save a Life by The Fray

The song “How to Save a Life” has to be one of the most relevant songs that ever existed. A song about the intervention, it was released in 2005 and featured on the album How to save a life. If you know someone who is struggling with depression, you will feel like you want to help them but you don’t know what to do.

Follow the tips in “How to Save a Life” and just be there for your friends and family. Sometimes just knowing that they have you is enough to help them in their fight.

8. Lithium by Evanescence

Evanescence released their second studio album in 2006. One of the most prolific yet soulful songs on the album has to be “Lithium”. Describing the heartbreak and pain that comes with depression, “Lithium” tackles the issue of depression and mental health head-on.

Amy Lee gives this song her all as she delivers a powerful vocal performance that will leave you with goosebumps. Add “Lithium” to your playlist and feel the power of one of Evanescence’s biggest hits.

9. The Mountain by Three Days Grace

Feeling down can make you feel like you have a mountain to climb to be well again. Three Days Grace addresses this feeling in their 2018 song “The Mountain,” describing life’s struggles and having to keep going when you feel like giving up.

“The Mountain” is a song of hope, a song of encouragement, and above all, a message that he can get better. The song was released on the album Outsider and has a heavy sound that rock music lovers will appreciate.

10. Goodbye I’m Sorry by Jamestown Story

Jamestown Story broke our hearts with the release of their song “Goodbye I’m Sorry” in 2007. Featured on the album been brokenthe song is basically a suicide note from someone who has given up on life and its struggles.

Saying goodbye to everyone they love, the song has an emotional chorus that will tear you to pieces. “Goodbye I’m Sorry” is a very real look at the effects of depression and includes a special message and helpline number for anyone who might feel like they have nowhere to turn. spinning or being out of breath.

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