10 Best Reggae Love Songs Of All Time, Ranked



With global cultural influence, reggae music is loved by many for its unique groove and ability to convey emotions that make you feel good. It’s easy to get hooked on reggae music as it’s known to be quite relaxing while offering plenty of more upbeat and danceable tracks.

Nowadays, you can hear the genre’s influence on many other types of modern music as it continues to grow in popularity.

For this article, I am going to list the top 10 reggae love songs that have many timeless qualities!

1. The Sun is Shining – Bob Marley

You can’t talk about reggae without mentioning the great Bob Marley. Many fans would agree that he was the reason reggae music became so popular on a larger scale, and his discography is filled with excellent hits.

“Sun Is Shining” is a longtime favorite that features the classic rock melodies that sway back and forth, with plenty of satisfying guitar riffs in between. It also has ethereal backup vocals which add to the song’s appealing qualities.

2. Side Show – Barry Biggs

A laid-back record that’s easy to get lost in, Barry’s vocals are angelic and equally effortless as he floats over the simple instrumental. Even though the production is not very complex, it still offers a picturesque cinematic dynamic.

Reggae music has a surprising range that spans from very laid back to more upbeat, and “Side Show” has that classic reggae swing that so many people love. Barry Biggs has a lot of great songs, but this one is unquestionably timeless.

3. Best of My Love – Aswad

Offering a different style that draws on a mix of genres, Aswad delivered “Best Of My Love” in 1990. The reggae elements are clear in the melody and percussion, but it also has a mix of 80s sounds. and early 90s, such as airy, reverberant synth chords.

His vocals fit the vibe of the records perfectly, and while the beat doesn’t change much, the dynamics give him plenty of replayability. Aswad does a great job of telling a story here, and I think that makes it one of the best reggae love songs on this list.

4. There is no sun – Horace Andy

The melodic nature of the vocals in this track really shines through, and while the production has a nice groove, your ears are locked into the lyrics before anything else. The percussions are light, but the piece will appeal to reggae lovers.

Melodies aside, the story of this record is quite relatable for many people. “Ain’t No Sunshine” is a fairly brief and repetitive record, but the story will continue to be relevant for generations.

5. I Am The One Who Loves You – Cornell Campbell

Cornell Campbell has an unmistakable voice and sound, and this record is light on dynamics and focused on storytelling. Listeners have no problem choosing the different layers of the production, but most of the melodies and percussion reside in the background of the vocals.

Many people enjoy the quiet, relaxed nature of the record, and the breaks between vocals are filled with light, clear guitar riffs. The recording quality also has a classic sound that never gets old on the ears.

6. Believe in love – Peter Hunnigale

This disc has many different layers that complement each other perfectly. Pete’s light vocals are velvety smooth and the instrumentation has a decent pace with plenty of information throughout.

“Believe In Love” is a song that has a message that anyone can relate to, no matter where you’re from. I think it’s one of the best reggae love songs that sends a message that can be appreciated for its honesty.

7. No Ordinary Love – Alaine

Featuring a great mix of natural and synthetic melodies, “No Ordinary Love” piques your interest right from the start. Alaine also brings a vocal dynamic reminiscent of mid-2000s R&B.

The production alone is more than catchy, and the drumming choices are a mix of R&B and reggae styles. Her vocal range and cadence are seductive, and the progression of the record supports every change in her dynamic.

8. Nice Time – Max Romeo

A smooth, danceable and catchy record, Max floats across the record with dynamic shifts that support the instrumentation. The layers on this record consist mostly of electric guitar riffs and clean horns which are enough to match the energy of the vocals.

It’s a record that never gets old, no matter how much time passes, and it delivers authentic quality. Max is passionate about his storytelling and his lyrics share many sentiments that everyday people can relate to.

9. The Other Side of Love – Carroll Thompson

With a somewhat sultry vibe, “The Other Side Of Love” offers R&B-style vocals with classic reggae instrumentation. This song brings a slow tempo, and the vibe it carries makes it one of the best reggae love songs, in my opinion.

Released in the early 90s, the song is by no means old, but it still delivers a nostalgic sound for many listeners. Carrol Thompson offers a varied tone in his music, and his classic voice will always be appreciated no matter how the reggae genre has evolved over time.

10. Do You Love Me – Dennis Brown

It was hard to choose songs from this list because reggae music has so much to offer, but I felt Dennis Brown needed to be mentioned. “Do You Love Me” is an honest and heartfelt record from the artist who keeps an upbeat tempo as he gives his voice its all.

Most of the record is relatively quiet, but there are some dynamics the artist offers that will rock your spine. The instrumentation is rather simple but appealing, which is part of what good reggae music is known for, as it doesn’t take much to have a lasting impact.

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