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The soundtrack to the new box office hit Top Gun: Maverick includes the latest song from Oscar and Grammy-winning artist Lady Gaga. Not only has she become an icon for her work as a recording artist – as of 2022 she has released seven studio albums ranging from dance pop to jazz – but Lady Gaga has also become known for her film work.

As an actress, Gaga’s breakout role was in Bradley Cooper A star is bornthat she chained last year with Ridley Scott’s Gucci House. However, Gaga has also contributed a library of new music to various films.


ten “Heal Me” from A Star Is Born

The soundtrack to Bradley Cooper’s first film contains nearly 20 songs, most of which were written specifically for the film. “Heal Me” appears at the point in the film where Ally (Gaga) is trying to regain some level of creative control. She performs the song without any backup dancers, only to be ruthlessly criticized by her manager for going against her advice.

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The song demonstrates Ally’s pop sound without the involvement of Jackson Maine (Cooper). The lighter sound and contemporary pop production highlights the differences between the musical styles of the film’s main characters. The song also features Gaga’s vocals in a unique way, building on her softer, more breathy voice which contrasts well with her other vocal performances in the film.

9 “Hair Body Face” from A Star Is Born

Ramon and Ally at the A Star is Born concert

“Hair Body Face” marks another pop song in the trajectory of Ally’s fictional music career as she prepares for the launch of her debut album. The song is used during a rehearsal scene, in which Ally is working on flashy choreography for an upcoming performance. By this point in the film, Jackson has already become critical of Ally’s new image, and this song effectively increases the tension.

Although the song is only briefly used in the film, “Hair Body Face” seems like the most obvious nod to the early songs of Lady Gaga’s own career as a pop star. His first studio albums, Fame and born like this included a plethora of dance pop empowerment anthems, and “Hair Body Face” is the kind of song that could easily pop up on either album. This moment is one of many subtle references to Gaga’s own singing career.

8 “Why do you do that?” from A Star is Born

Lady Gaga performs Why Did You Do That?  in A Star is Born

Co-written with film songwriting expert Diane Warren, “Why Did You Do That?” caused a ton of speculation as to whether or not the song was intended to be constructed as a “bad pop song”. In the film, Ally performs “Why Did You Do That?” on Saturday Night Liveand it’s the first time that Jackson and the public have seen her as a pop star in her own right.

Although the lyrics are considerably more simplistic than the other original songs written for A star is born, “Why do you do that?” effectively serves as a catalyst for the conflict between the film’s main characters, achieving what the film needs at the moment. Additionally, with its contemporary references, the song highlights the generational differences between Ally and Jackson that further explain Jackson’s lack of appreciation for his new music.

seven “Look What I Found” from A Star Is Born

Cooper and Gaga play the piano

“Look What I Found” appears in the film’s second act as Ally begins recording her own music. She is initially intimidated by the setup of the recording session, and Jackson helps by advising Ally to play the piano while she sings, as it will likely bring familiarity and comfort. Once Ally followed Jackson’s advice, the recording session went smoothly.

“Look What I Found” reflects the collaboration between Ally and Jackson in her early compositions. Lyrically, the song reflects Ally’s new found love, but there are also hints at themes of loneliness and alcoholism that come into play later in the film. The scene in which Ally records the song illustrates the on-screen chemistry of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga while reinforcing the overall theme of the importance of imbuing your music with authenticity.

6 “Are you OK?” from A Star is Born

Although the song does not appear in its entirety in the film, “Is That Alright?” plays over the credits at the end of A star is born. The track is written in Ally’s character voice and appears to be a love song for Jackson, composed as a vulnerable piano ballad in the same vein as “Shallow” and “I’ll Never Love Again”.

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Given that the film itself is already structured around a few emotional piano ballads, it only makes sense that “Is That Alright?” did not have its own musical scene in the final cut. However, the song still adds to the characterization of the central relationship. Plus, Gaga’s impressive vocal performance shifts from uninhibited belting to soft, vulnerable whispers, which add another nice layer of contrast to the song.

5 “Hold My Hand” from Top Gun: Maverick

Lady Gaga Hold My Hand Top Gun Maverick

Gaga’s last venture into film was her contribution to the soundtrack for the highly anticipated sequel to Tony Scott’s 1986 film. Superior gun. the original Superior gun won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Take My Breath Away,” a melody that has become iconic to the film itself.

“Hold My Hand” seems to be written with an awareness of the first film’s soundtrack, aiming to achieve the same power and impact. Gaga’s vocals soar here in a ballad that relies heavily on the singer’s performance rather than production or instrumentation. The release of “Hold My Hand” as the soundtrack’s lead single immediately puts the song in the conversation for next year’s Oscars.

4 “Always Remember Us Like This” from A Star Is Born

The second single from the The star is born The soundtrack was one of the film’s biggest hits, even earning a Grammy nomination for Song of the Year. “Always Remember Us This Way” is one of the few musical numbers performed in its entirety in film history.

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It’s Ally’s first time performing a song without Jackson, and the song hits the emotional resonance of the moment. Ally’s talent is not one molded and shaped by Jackson’s influence; on the contrary, she can handle herself on a stage. At the same time, “Always Remember Us This Way” captures the process of falling in love with the two main characters while encapsulating the impulsive and ultimately rewarding energy of writing and performing new music while on tour.

3 “I’ll Never Love Again” from A Star Is Born

ally sings "I will never love again" at the end of A Star is Born

The tragic end of A star is born features the third and final single from the soundtrack: “I’ll Never Love Again”. After a second and third act in which Ally largely sings highly stylized pop music, she returns to her roots with this powerful ballad backed by a simple piano melody.

Both the song and the scene rely heavily on Lady Gaga’s performance, reminiscent of Whitney Houston’s work in The bodyguard. Also, despite the fact that this was Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, he makes a bold cinematic choice at the end of the song. Rather than ending with a traditional grand finale, it cuts into an intimate flashback in which Jackson first plays the song’s melody to Ally. This abrupt but moving transition from the epic to the intimate mirrors the effect of the music.

2 “Until It Happens to You” from The Hunting Ground

Poster of the documentary The Hunting Ground

Lady Gaga’s First Original Song For A Movie Wasn’t Written For A star is bornbut it was more for the scary documentary The hunting ground, which examines sexual assault on campuses in the United States. Co-written with Diane Warren, the song received universal acclaim and Gaga received her first Oscar nomination for Best Original Song.

The lyrics and music video for “Til It Happens To You” powerfully communicate the angst and resilience of survivors. When Lady Gaga had the opportunity to perform the song at the Oscars, she did so while accompanied by a group of young survivors on stage, further underscoring the unsettling immediacy of the issue. “Til It Happens To You” stands apart from other material Gaga has written for film, proving she can write and perform music that covers a wide range of topics.

1 “Shallow” from a star is born

Lady Gaga A Star is Born

The first single from A star is born was first introduced in the trailer and later reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Lady Gaga co-wrote “Shallow” with Mark Ronson and performed the duet with Bradley Cooper. For this song alone, Gaga won both an Oscar for Best Original Song and a Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

“Shallow” is a major turning point in the film, as Ally is quickly invited on stage to perform her song with Jackson. The performance and directing style captures Ally’s vulnerability and strength as well as the intensity and pressure of the given circumstances. “Shallow” would go on to become one of Lady Gaga’s most recognizable songs, and it epitomizes just how adept she is at writing original music for the film, as the song is seamlessly integrated into the plot, themes, and storyline. the mood of the movie.

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