10 best hard rock songs from the 70s



The start of the decade may have been marked by the loss of Jimi Hendrix and the disbandment of the Beatles, but many aspiring musicians were ready to carry the torch.

The 1970s were filled with albums that have remained essential to any collection of rock fans: The Dark Side of the Moon, Exile on Main St., Led Zeppelin III, the list goes on … a scattering of timeless tracks. who defined the decade and helped innovate a genre.

It was the golden age of hard rock. It was a time for peacock frontmen, effortlessly cool bass hooks, and guitar solos that transcended time. This was before the synthesizer got too big, it was all about the basics of guitars, drums, and blinding vocals.

That’s not to say there wasn’t heavy experimentation going on, however …

For any young rock musician, these songs are a must have if you hope to have a half-decent understanding of music. This decade has been so inundated with timeless rock tracks that no list can hope to do the genre justice. But, this collection is pretty close.

The always controversial Ted Nugent has made quite a transition from his days as an axman of the ’70s. These days you’re just as likely to see him wearing a cowboy hat and wearing the carcass of a dead animal than to see it with a guitar.

He may have become a gun rack, Republican backer, loudmouth, but by the 1970s he was a guitar freak with a predilection for writing classical guitar hooks.

Stranglehold appeared on Nugent’s self-titled debut album. It was indicative of the rock music of the day, a repetitive guitar riff that sank deep into the eardrum, followed by seven and a half minutes of sprawling guitar solos. This song just leaves you wanting to hit the road, from the moment the bass drum punctuates the song, your Google search for where to rent a Harley.

Despite Nugent’s ability as a singer, he did not sing on this track. Its rhythm guitarist Derek St. Holmes took this honor. Nugent focused entirely on the guitar. Say what you like about this guy’s personal opinions, his guitar playing was one of the best in the business.

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