10 Amazing Hard Rock Songs With Killer Guest Stars


If you’re even remotely familiar with the rock scene, you’ll know it’s mostly every man for himself. Since the suits of the day will always try to shrink you as much as they can, you need to have the determination to make your gear the best it can be, whether it comes to hell or high tide. At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to have some help once in a while.

Much like free cameos in movies, these are the collaborations we didn’t even know we needed until we saw them in the flesh (or heard of them, in this case). Instead of coping with a cool guitar solo or indulging in vocals, these artists opted to up the ante with a couple of friends, many of whom were already veterans of the scene or would soon be going absolutely massive.

It’s also not the kind of cameo where the artist just decides to stand out. In many cases, it’s friends who arrive with little or no ego and make a deliberate effort to serve up the song to their friends. It might just be a few friends jamming for fun, but it’s the kind of sessions where you just wish you could be a fly on the wall during sessions, watching two icons decide to craft a song in time. real.

Throughout the history of rock and roll, we’ve been no strangers to having weird guest stars on big name records. From the moment Aerosmith decided to plug into Run-DMC, there have always been overlaps that seemed to work much better than you originally thought. Then again, if you had to choose someone to invite on a rock record, the world of Broadway was kinda out there.

In fact, My Chemical Romance held this one pretty close to the chest, with Liza Minnelli being one of the favorite artists of Gerard and Mikey Way’s grandmother Helena. When it came time to do the macabre song Mama, the band had already pulled out all the stops to create this song Nightmare Before Christmas, so it only made sense to ask Minnelli to have her own place as the voice of Mother War.

Strange as it may sound, the fact that she’s here makes it all the more unsettling, playing the twisted update to Mother from Pink Floyd’s The Wall making The Patient look completely pathetic. By the time the track gives way to the “Carry On” chorus in the background over Liza’s Broadway vocals and her eventual tearful goodbye, you’re not just watching a rock opera anymore. This is high level theater that was orchestrated by Satan.

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